Game Speeder

Game Speeder 2.0

Game Speeder is a software that lets you control the speed of your games

Developed by NewDigitalSoft, Inc., Game Speeder is an award winning software that lets you control the speed of your games and Windows applications. With Game Speeder you can accelerate or slowdown your games at any moment, to the speed you consider most appropriate, and with the advantage that, if you control the game, you can play better.
The secret of Game Speeder is that it uses an innovative speed modification technology that does not involve any change of hardware nor a change of hardware configuration. The acceleration process is completely performed by Game Speeder alone.
In addition, Game Speeder uses a straightforward and intuitive interface. Start using Game Speeder very easily. Once the application is installed, all you have to do to control your game speed is to drag the speed bar to increase speed or slow down an application, press the button Apply, and that’s all.
You will see the results immediately. Game Speeder can increase your application's speed up to 256 times faster. It is great for repetitive games, that you know by heart. In turn, it can delay a game up to 256 times slower. This is useful for action games, so as you can have a more detailed view of what is going on, and therefore, have a better reaction.
This application promises a completely new game experience, that will change the way in which you play your games.

Review summary


  • easy to use
  • no change in hardware involved
  • results seen right away


  • although there is a change, this is not significant
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